Shortage of OB/GYN Providers in Kitsap and Nearby Counties

Suzanne ReidOBGYN, Uncategorized

obgyn shortage kitsap

Our team of specialists at Kitsap OB/GYN is dedicated to putting women’s health first. This becomes difficult when we have a serious shortage of OB/GYN providers in the Kitsap, Jefferson, and Mason counties.

 Earlier this year, the Naval Hospital and Peninsula Community Health Clinic closed their women’s clinic and labor delivery unit, resulting in our practice absorbing a vast number of patients seeking care. As a state, Washington has 15 OB/GYN practitioners for every 100,000 residents. Kitsap County, by contrast, is closer to 3 per 100,000

In Kitsap, we have gone from having 22 OB/GYN providers in our county last year to now having eight. Our providers are trying desperately to provide for the needs of our community, but we do tend to experience long wait times both on the phone and in the clinic.

 Currently, there are three OB/GYN providers at The Doctors Clinic; Kitsap OB/GYN has four MDs, one CNM, and one Gyn ARNP (view the complete Kitsap OB/GYN provider list).  We have been trying to grow our midwifery practice and look forward to adding one more midwife in early 2023. Unfortunately, we have been unable to keep up with the increasing patient volumes and service demands.

 On behalf of Kitsap OB/GYN and other local OB/GYN providers, we ask for your patience. With the influx of patients and staff shortage, our phone and appointment wait times are much longer now, but taking care of you will always be our #1 priority in this difficult situation. Kitsap OB/GYN offices are located in Silverdale and Poulsbo.