Physician’s Excellence: Jennifer Quimby

Suzanne ReidHidden, OBGYN

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“Dr. Jennifer Quimby joined Kitsap OBGYN in 2002 and has enjoyed delivering local babies ever since. Her patients say she goes above and beyond her role as a doctor, showing a high level of kindness and confidence.

Quimby originally wanted a career in research but quickly realized she liked working with people more than she liked scientific research. Having grown up in Puyallup, she returned to the Puget Sound area after residency.

She likes being able to provide care to women and young women of all ages while “delivering babies in between.” She especially enjoys being able to take first-time moms through a healthy delivery of a healthy baby.

The medical field is constantly changing, and Quimby finds it important to continuously learn new things and provide her patients with the latest clinical information.

In addition to her practice, she dedicates time to serving as the chief of staff at Harrison Medical Hospital as well as being a member of the Harrison Foundation board.

Science and medicine run in Quimby’s family. Her mother was a microbiologist and her sister is a physician on the East Coast. She considers the two women her personal heroes.

Quimby knows first-hand the difficulty of balancing a tough schedule, as she may spend her after hours at the hospital for several consecutive days to deliver babies. Which is why her advice, especially to women, is to get enough sleep and schedule at least a couple of times for themselves each week.”