Gynecological Care

The best treatment is prevention

Finding a gynecologist to monitor your health and support your overarching goals will allow you to enjoy a full, active lifestyle. Kitsap OBGYN believes in focusing on total body wellness and healthy living. We recommend simple gynecological care, such as an annual exam, a Pap smear, a mammogram and a hormone valuation to provide patients with a complete view of their health status. As your dedicated health partner, Kitsap OBGYN will review the results of these assessments and make suggestions to facilitate the long-term objectives you wish to achieve.

Our Services

    • Annual well-woman exam
    • Annual Pap smear
    • Adolescent gynecology
    • Mammograms
    • Managing menopause
    • Hormone evaluation
    • Menopause education, treatment, management, prevention, diagnosis
    • Contraceptive and family planning
    • Infertility
    • Cancer screening
    • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
    • Diagnosis and management of: incontinence, pelvic prolapse, fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction
    • Ultrasounds, colposcopy, endometrial biopsies (done in-house)

Proactive Care

Late adolescence is the recommended time to begin scheduling an annual well-woman exam and Pap smear. These simple health care visits can provide critical information about a woman's health situation. During the visits, Kitsap OBGYN will perform a pelvic exam and Pap smear, evaluate breast health and conduct routine blood work. Depending on age, we will encourage patients to schedule an annual mammogram. Many women also use this time to discuss family planning and evaluate birth control choices, such as birth control pills, NuvaRing hormone contraception, under-the-skin implants and IUD’s.

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Life Transition Care

Often an uncertain time in a woman’s life, menopause is manageable. Our experienced staff can offer comprehensive treatment before, during and after this challenging process.

Kitsap OBGYN will help you control hot flashes, schedule bone density screenings as needed and address other concerns, such as vaginal dryness and decreased sex drive. Because each patient is unique, Kitsap OBGYN employs both non-hormonal and hormone replacement treatment to help manage the symptoms of menopause, including therapy with bio-identical hormones.

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Specialty Care

We help our patients plan for healthy living but, should any issues arise, Kitsap OBGYN will immediately handle these concerns. We will answer your questions and create a personalized treatment plan to deal with the problem at hand. Our practice can offer expert care for a variety of gynecological issues, including:

  • Abnormal Pap smear results indicating HPV
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Treatment of PCOS and endometriosis
  • Heavy or irregular menstrual cycles
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Our Patients

  • "Dr. Quimby gives you the feeling that she does her line of work because she cares about people - genuinely! I would never choose another OBGYN, ever. She gives me a feeling of hope and correcting my health issues when I'm lost. She has great listening and problem solving skills."
  • "Today my MA was very friendly and helpful. It made my visit completely comfortable and relaxed. The receptionist is fast, efficient, warm and friendly. Dr. Bohannon is always amazing. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful care team. "
  • "Dr. Marriott was very easy to talk to and communicate with. She seems to have common sense and a reassuring manner. Her MA was pleasant and funny. Thank you, everyone!"

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